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It's Game Day! Sunday Feb 1st 2015

Warsaw's Epic Superbowl Party !
Reservations Still Available.

Walk-in seating available starting at 4:45

Three GIANT cinema screens, THUNDEROUS STADIUM sound from our gagillion watt rock concert PA!


  • artisan & classic pierogies
  • vodka shots galore made from rye, potatos and bison grass
  • plenty of beer towers/pitchers
  • killer wings,
  • spicy kielbasa & paprika relish hoagies
  • smothered nachos and
  • savory chili's

while you watch the game on our insanely big cinema screens with blow your socks off sound. We suggest you reserve your table as soon as possible since this event sold out within the first two weeks last year.

doors 4:30pm

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